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Scratch the Surface: Why Cats Scratch and What To Do About It

Your cat probably does lots of things that you love: purr (loudly, especially when petted), play, run madly after a toy, snuggle up on late nights. But there’s one thing your cat might do that you have mixed emotions about: scratching.

For cats, however, scratching is a necessary and essential part of their nature. By scratching, cats keep their claws sharp and get rid of old nail growth; they also use it as a mechanism for stretching. So how can you balance your cat’s inherent nature for scratching with protecting your essentials such as furniture? There are options.

For starters, there are easy ways to discourage your cat from scratching on favorite spots, including aluminum foil or double-sided tape. You can also cover the arm of a chair or couch; removing the texture may discourage your cat from scratching there too.

What other options exist and how can you make use of them? This graphic can help.



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