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We are very grateful to our wonderful supporters, donors and friends for our excellent reputation in the community. Check out what people are saying about our non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of cats and kittens in need in Collier County, Florida.


Community Member Served

Several years ago, when we discovered the feral cat we'd been feeding had kittens, For The Love Of Cats taught us to be good foster parents to newborns and provided their medical care until they were old enough to adopt out (which FTLC also handled). Yesterday, we found a kitten and, once again, Jim and Jan to the rescue... Their assistance with the medical side of things (not to mention advice) will enable us to welcome this sweetie as the newest member of our family. (She becomes our sixth "rescue baby.") We're so grateful to this organization both for the wonderful work they continue to do, year after year, and for making it possible to do our own part in providing loving homes to these amazing creatures.


Community Member Served

I take care of several cats in the neighborhood, these people do more than I can even say, they went above and beyond to help me with a problem. They ordered medication drove, out to my house, explained everything to me. These people care so much about cats, But their name says it all. I hope people will donate to them because they truly are the best. When no one else would help me they were there for me and the cats. Please help them to stay in business 


Community Member Served

Jim's group was instrumental in the return of my beautiful Persian, Mr. Jinx. Because of the kindness of his group of volunteers they trapped him for me 2 weeks after his escape from my home. He had been frightened by the Gardner's and disappeared into the everglades. I will also add, Mr. Jinx was a rescue over 8 years ago. Thanks For the Love of Cats!  


Community Member Served

My beloved cat became sick and needed emergency surgery...For the Love of Cats stepped in and helped me save her. Without their help I would have had to put my baby down. They are angels!! 


Community Member Served

I can’t say enough about the help “for the love of cats” has given me. When we were leaving to go north for the holidays we could not find our cat. I thought for sure he somehow had gotten outside without us knowing. I left our neighbor the key and they continued looking for him. Once he was found I called “for the love of cats” and they could not have been more helpful. They found someone to come in and take care of my cat until I was able to fly back to Florida two weeks later. The cat sitter was very pleasant and called to let me know how my cat was doing daily.


Community Member Served

I live in the Golden Gate Estates in Naples and my family has an outside cat we’ve been feeding and doing our best to take care of for sometime now. We noticed recenty his fleas had become very bad and he likely had some other medical issues as he hasn’t been seen be a Vet in at least 5 years. After contact For the Love of Cats, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To mine and my family’s great surprise, we received a swift reply and by the next day I was making arrangements with Jim to have our friend looked at by a doctor. Jim kept in contact with me all the way through the doctor visit and followed up at the end to be sure our friend was well. We’re grateful to Jim and Jan and For the Love of Cats and wish them many more years helping cats in Southwest Florida.



We have known Jim and Jan Rich for years and preach to anyone that will listen about all the good they do and have done for thousands of cats.Before their intervention 15 years ago there was a bounty on the head of every lost and abandoned cat on this Marco Island. The poor animals that are not able to speak for themselves now have a voice where as they were murdered before the Rich's changed all that. We have contributed to a great many animal rescue organizations over the years and so many feed their faces and fill their pockets first and care for the animals last. You know that every cent that you donate to Jim and Jan goes directly to the animals. They are extemelly knowledgeable about what they are doing and so dedicated to a cause that needs all our help. If you care about animals and want to make a difference here is the place to do that. Our goal needs to be to support such kind and dedicated people as these two dear people are. 


Community Member Served

We adopted our precious Polo almost three years ago. For The Love of Cats has, indeed, become family... Not only were they incredibly thorough throughout the process of procuring our kitty, but they remain in touch always anxious to hear how he is doing... They care, they give 100% of themselves to this endeavor. During Hurricane Irma, they evacuated all of their cats and kittens (not a small feat) to safety until they could safely return to Marco Island. Concerned for their well-being, I emailed to find out if they were all safe. I was happy to hear they were back in operation, having sustained some damages, but they were also quite concerned with how we had fared (and of course, Polo). For The Love of Cats is the epitome of a the type of nonprofit I want to be associated with and support.


Donor + Community Member Served

I found a kitten in the back of a pick-up truck in the parking lot of where I work. His paws were burned and so were his whiskers. I brought him home and took him directly to the vet. My husband was not keen on keeping him since we had 4 other cats. I called around to other charities and they flatly told me that they could not help because they were full. I can't imagine a charity that won't help, especially a kitten that is injured. I even offered to pay his medicial. I finally called For The Love of Cats and they immediately told me that they would take the kitten and find him a good home even though they were to the max. I felt so relieved that someone listened to me and wanted to help. As it turns out, my husband warmed to the kitten and we kept him and named him Lucky. I will always appreciate the kindness shown to me by the staff at For The Love of Cats.


Smiling Grandma

Community Member Served

I am a long distance supporter from New Jersey. I first learned about For the Love of Cats through my sister-in-law Karen. Karen and Pete adopted 3 cats from this wonderful non-profit origination. Karen became a volunteer. On one of Karen's monthly visits she told me about the website and to be sure and check out the KittyCam. Well, to say the least, I was awestruck! Watching the cats and kittens playing in their romper rooms is hilarious and heart lifting. As I delved further into the website and took the virtual tour I was amazed how immaculate and in order everything is. One must stop and think, how much thought processing has gone into this rescue mission. You can truly see the dedication and feel the love poured forth to every kitten and cat that can be reached and nurtured to health and safety. 


Community Member Served + Volunteer

It all started with looking to adopt a kitten. I filled out the application, looked at the available kittens online and visited the For the Love of Cats shelter. The set-up is remarkable for the care of those felines that come through their door. Jim and Jan's dedication and love for what they are doing is remarkable. I was so impressed with the facility that after adopting my 2 boys from them I became a volunteer. They encourage people to call them with any questions or concerns you may have after you take your new family member home. Could not have asked for a better experience. They're the BEST!!!!

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