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TNR is one of For the Love of Cat’s primary directives. The community issues of cat overpopulation cannot be achieved through the adoption process. It must be accomplished through sterilization of the existing community cat population. This is a comprehensive and successful approach that has been proven to be effective throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to sterilization, cats are vaccinated and under the daily feeding and care of volunteer caregivers. For the Love of Cats works with Domestic Animal Services in Collier County to adhere to the TNR ordinance currently in place. To date, For the Love of Cats has TNR’d over 5000 cats. Volunteer caregivers feed and care for many cats on Marco Island and the surrounding communities every day.


HELP 'EM KEEP 'EM Urgent Care

Many families of the underserved communities have pets that need urgent veterinary attention and would be forced to allow their pet to suffer or be euthanized without this program.  Last year alone, we paid for 3 dental extractions, 3 knee surgeries, 2 cats with severe whole body infections, 1 cancerous eye removal, 1 crushed tail surgery and 2 broken leg surgeries. Each of these emergencies was over $1000 each. For the Love of Cats is the only rescue organization in Collier County offering this invaluable program that also covers wellness exams for senior cats and cats with non-emergency illnesses.


HELP 'EM KEEP 'EM Spay/Neuter

Our Low Income Spay/Neuter program pays for sterilization surgery and rabies vaccinations for cats and kittens owned by the underserved families of Collier County. These cat and kittens would otherwise be abandoned without this service. These abandoned pets then adversely contribute to the already overwhelming free roaming community cat population throughout the county. Although Collier County has a program for outdoor community cats, many low income families need help with education, guidance and resources for basic spay/neuter.

With your help we are here for them.



Older cats languish in shelters for years and most do not get adopted or worse, they are euthanized to make room for younger animals. Senior citizens are often living alone and depression is a major concern. Having a cat increases their activities, social interaction and is beneficial to their overall health.  Our program includes adoptable cats from Domestic Animals Services as well as cats from ALL other rescues in Collier County. Cats available for adoption that are over 7 years old may be adopted by a senior citizen over the age of 60 at no cost to the adopter. The adoption fee along with a $100 gift e-card from Petsmart for the cat is provided by For the Love of Cats. Our exclusive program has successfully re-homed over 190 senior cats since 2010.


community adoption support

An older family member dies and a senior cat comes to live with an active young family. This is surely the wrong environment for an older cat that is used to a quiet house and a couch all to itself. Or perhaps, your dad, who is highly allergic to cats, has to move in with you because of financial issues or further ill health. Your dad must give up your loving pet. These are all heartbreaking stories but we can help by listing these cats on our website adoption page and promoting them on our social media pages to help find a new home for these sweet kitties. We do everything to help all cats in need.


fgcu scholarship

 Without adequate staffing of veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants for the animal hospitals, clinics and emergency facilities in Collier County, the rescue and animal welfare organizations lose their ability to make a difference in the lives of homeless pets in need. Spay and neuter is put on hold, injured animals go untreated, lives are lost. 

 Our scholarship program is designed to mentor students interested in pursuing a career in  veterinary medicine with the anticipation that they will bring their skills back home to the needs of Southwest Florida. Funded through the support of business sponsorship, The FGCU Scholarship of $3000 will be awarded to a student chosen by FGCU and mentored by For the Love of Cats and the local veterinary community.


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