Keeping Your Pets Safe This Halloween

KEEPING YOUR PETS SAFE THIS HALLOWEEN Miranda Webb Halloween: it’s the best time of the year! Fall, fun, festivities… it can be an amazing time to spend with friends and family. This time of year can also be extremely stressful for pets and pet owners. Here are some ways to keep your pets safe this Halloween.


Don’t get me wrong- who doesn’t want to see a cat dressed up as a pumpkin? Halloween costumes for your pet during this festive time can be extremely fun and merry. Nonetheless, before putting your pet in anything, ensure that there are no small choking hazards and that the costume fits comfortably. Some things to be cautious for is that the costumes do not interfere with your pet’s breathing, sight, hearing, or movement. This is to be especially noted if you plan to take your pet trick or treating in said costume. Take the extra time this year to secure your pet’s safety for this festive holiday!2


With a constant influx of kids running in and out of the door, Halloween can be a stressful time for pets. Pets can be kept away in other rooms, to prevent the possibility of them getting out. Keeping a microchip or identification collar on your pet in the case of an emergency can be helpful as well.3

Halloween is a holly time full of fun and festivities with family and friends. These precautions can be used as a way to keep this holiday safe for our furry friends. Keep your loved ones safe this Halloween!

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