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If Cats Had Thumbs

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

by Hannah Fenimore

Cats are intelligent and sneaky animals. Imagine what kind of world it could be if cats had thumbs! What kind of trouble would they get themselves into and what would be the first thing they would do? Keep reading to find out what would happen if cats had thumbs.

They Would Open Their Own Food:

No more asking and waiting. If they want it, they can have it. With their new thumbs they are now able to grab the cans off the shelves and are now able to easily open up their cans of food. This could be both a good and a bad thing. They could open cans of food that they aren’t supposed to or make a mess that the owner will have to later clean up. On the opposing side, you now won’t have to worry about feeding the cat and can take the time to take up a new hobby. Maybe painting?

Comb Their Own Fur:

No more waiting for their humans to realize that they have a matt in their fur. No need! If they feel uncomfortable or in the need for a quick brush, they are now able to fix it themselves.

Easily Steal Your Belongings:

Cats are already very curious animals, but now they are able to take more action on the things they are curious about. Wondering what their owner has under the blanket? No worries! They can explore anything they want to now. Because they can now explore on their own, they can also take what they please. That means whatever you are trying to keep away from your cat, may have just become a little bit more difficult to keep hidden.

Clean Their Litter Box:

Since they live under your roof, they now have to do chores as well. Since they are now able to grab and grip objects with their thumbs, it should be an easy task for them to scoop the litter with the pan and clean the area!

What a world it would be if our cats had thumbs! I think thumbless cats are purr-fect the way they are.



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