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Help Meowt! What Cat Food Should I Use?

Choosing a safe, nutritious food for your cat(s) can be a daunting task. In recent years there has been a deluge of new food onto the market and walking into your local pet store and browsing up and down the isles can be intimidating.

We all want to provide a healthy diet for our furry partners but not everyone has the time or knowledge to research and sift through the meowntain of competing kibbles, bits, and whatnot.

Sorry, kitty, no cheeseburgers for you!

Furrtunately, the team at stepped in and looked at over 1,700 cat food formulations and narrowed that gargantuan list down to their top 8. The full article is well worth the read as they take the time to explain what’s important to a cat’s diet and why they exclude certain brands. Whether you’re a seasoned crazy-cat person or doting on your first meowing companion, you’ll come away with a better understanding of what’s important and know some foods you can trust.

Check out the article here and make sure your cat’s diet is making them feel pawsome!



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