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Flea Season is every Season in Florida

Cat scratching

Here is what we did to get rid of the fleas and what we recommend if you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation-

First, treat all of your cats with Revolution flea treatment every 30 days exactly for at least 4 months running. It is a “spot on” liquid that is applied on the skin at the base of the neck by the shoulder blades. You must be sure to get the liquid on the skin for it to work. Revolution will kill the fleas, eggs and larvae in 36 hours. Revolution can be purchased through this website- If your cats are crawling with live fleas, order a small pill online called “Capstar”. This little pill kills just the adult fleas but is a Godsend if the cats are miserable. You can treat your cats with Revolution and also give them a Capstar pill at the same time. The Capstar will kill all the adult fleas on your cat within 2 hours so best to put your cats in a small room, IE bathroom, so you can vacuum up the dead and dying fleas in a confined space. Be sure to throw out the vacuum bag or empty the bin outside.

Second, you have to kill the fleas in your house. The best spray for furniture and carpeting and everything in between like my pots of plants need to be sprayed with a product called “Knockout”. It is manufactured by Virbac and can be purchased online- just Google it. The spray has a 120 day residual, does not leave any dust or residue or odor and you and your cats can be back in the room after an hour or so. This spray is the only one that really works! The instructions are easy to follow and the can goes a long way. You must be thorough in your spraying being sure to spray the underside of beds, pillows, cushions, etc.

Third, you must vacuum your furniture and carpeting twice a week and then throw out the bag if you have one or dump the bin outside. Additionally, you must wash all bedding and anything that can be washed. The hot water and soap will stun the fleas and they will wash off in the washer. Wash all socks and slacks daily that you have worn around the house as you are probably collecting fleas on them and you don’t want them jumping around in your laundry hamper.

Fourth, you now have to treat your cats for tapeworms which they will be developing from the flea bites. Tapeworms take 6 weeks to mature but you should start treating them 4 weeks after the infestation. The tapeworm pills are sold at all of the big box pet stores. Give each cat one tablet and re-treat them with another tablet in 2 weeks and then again in another 2 weeks.

Are you exhausted yet? I know we were and so glad when I was able to brush all four of our cats again and only have a brush full of fur!