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Are you a Good Cat Owner? Check this List!

Gain you Cat’s Trust

Take the t

ime to be a friend to your cat. Introduce them to their new family slowly and help them with new sounds and people with calm words and treats to reinforce positive behavior.

Visit your Veterinarian

Every year- yes, every year until they are 7 years old and then go to twice a year. A year is a long time in a cat’s life to go without being checked for problems. Would you put off teeth cleaning for 5 years? Most of us would not and its about the same amount of money so do what is right and take care of your fur kid like you do yourself.

Help you Cat get Exercise

Play, play and play some more! You exercise so they need it too! Remember that  to play well, think like prey with the toys. Prey needs to be drawn away from your cat and you need to pause the prey occasionally so they can pounce on it. Don’t swing it in their face or towards them. Cats chase things, make them chase it but let them catch it sometimes or the game is over because they need to win, even a little.

Enrich their Environment


Rotate their toys. We have a big box of toys and every few months we pick up all the old ones and put out ones from the box that will be “new” again for them. Don’t be so quick to recycle that paper bag or box- let them have a blast with it for a few days- throw a toy into it or cut holes in the sides for excitement. Bring them a new scratcher or tunnel or upload a new cat game on your ipad. Wad up paper or foil into a fun, new ball. Give them a window perch. Hide toys behind doors. You know how smart your cat is and they are bored out of their minds- make their life fun!

Keep Their Bathroom Clean

I can’t tell you how many times I talk to people with cats who clean the litter box only occasionally. OMG! Do you flush your toilet only occasionally?! Cats are cleaner than most people so PLEASE clean their box at least once a day.



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