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Why Adopt a Special Needs cat?

When you have your heart set on finding a rescue cat for adoption, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s Saturday snoozes together on the couch or rainy day company while watching favorite movies. Most likely, you long for a loving, gentle feline that will fill ordinary moments of your day with companionship and warmth. It seems that most rescue cats for adoption long for the same thing. If you’ve been searching for cat rescues near you, then you know just how many rescue cats for adoption are out there.

Finding homes for all these innocent creatures can be difficult under the best conditions. Finding homes for special needs cats can be down right challenging. All rescue cats for adoption deserve a safe and loving home, but many cats with prior health conditions are often overlooked. Finding a home for a fluffy, playful kitten is much easier than convincing someone to take on the responsibility and sometimes extra expense of an elderly or special needs cat. Having potential adopters put off by the thought of inconvenience is a reality that many local cat rescues face everyday.

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that special need cats can’t be as playful and loving as their healthy counterparts. This notion is easily dispelled by taking the time to check out your local cat rescue shelter. You will soon see that these amazing creatures long for someone to take the time to really see them and all they have to offer. Their capacity for love is every bit as big as more low-maintenance cats. In fact, the love and affection you will receive can be very satisfying and meaningful to both of you. Knowing you’ve given a second chance to a hard to place rescue cat can bring you untold joy and satisfaction. Finding room in your heart and home for a special needs feline can be truly rewarding in many ways.

Our local cat rescue shelters have various special needs cats from ones with disabilities to cancer sufferers. Each one is unique, deserving and often overlooked. By considering a special needs rescue cat for adoption, you open yourself up to a world of appreciation, love and the honor of caring for an underserved being. It’s a sad fact that special needs cats tend to spend the longest time at shelters and are usually some of the first to be put down. You can make all the difference to a special needs rescue cat by giving it a chance to show you just how much joy, love and appreciation they can bring to your life.



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