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Why Adopt a Senior cat

by Madysen Look

If you’re looking to adopt, you should consider adopting a senior cat! Senior cats are less likely to get adopted than kittens, which results in more senior cats in shelters, foster homes, and the wild. Adopting a cat can be a very sentimental process. When you’re looking for an animal, you want to adopt one that you have the most connection with. Senior cats need caring owners, and they will care for their owners too.

Here are 5 reasons on why you should consider adopting a senior cat:

They Are Mellow!

Compared to kittens, senior cats are calmer and work better with families with small children. They have more experience with other people and animals.

More Cuddles!

Due to their calm nature, senior cats are more inclined to cuddle and lounge around all day with their owners.

No Scratching or Teething!

Senior cats are past the stage of scratching and teething, so you will have less worries regarding your favorite sofa.


Another upside to adopting a senior cat is that they’re most likely litter-trained compared to a new kitten.

They will end up in shelters!

Senior cats are more inclined to end up in shelters or foster homes compared to a kitten or young adult cat.

For The Love Of Cats has a specialty program, Seniors for Seniors. We believe that senior citizens and senior cats will both have a positive increase in activities, social interaction, and overall health. For more information about adoption, please visit our website: .



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