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Tiny Paws, Loud Purrs, and Long Jumps

Some cuteness for your Friday evening!

Meet June and Smitty. Both came to For the Love of Cats in May.


Beautiful June

Beautiful June

Look at that beautiful fur!

Handsome little Smitty!

Handsome little Smitty!

How can anyone resist that sweet face?

How can anyone resist that sweet face?

If those beautiful faces aren’t enough to max out the adorable factor, then how about this? Merlin, a rescued cat who lives in Torquay, England, just broke the World’s Record for “Loudest Purr” at 67.8 decibels. Considering that noises above 90 decibels cause ear damage, and at 70 decibels things are officially considered “loud” (such as a busy street in a large city, or a radio playing at above-average volume), it’s safe to say that Merlin’s purr is notable, and he’s probably very capable of waking his owner when he needs his breakfast!

Merlin isn’t the only cat breaking records. Recently, Alley the Cat set the record for “Longest Jump”.

If your cats could break any record (real or newly invented), what would it be?

Whatever your cats’ unique talents, don’t forget to enter their photos in our annual Glamour Puss calendar contest!

We’ll be at Petsmart in Naples this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 3pm. If you’re looking for your new best friend, it’s a great opportunity to meet some beautiful, loving cats. We hope to see you there.

Have a “purr-fect” weekend!



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