Ten Tiny Kittens from Tennessee…

What happens when a volunteer learns about ten tiny kittens from Tennessee that desperately need help, food, health care, love, and a place to stay until they can grow strong enough to be adopted?

They come to For the Love of Cats!

Meet the Tennessee ten:










Billy Ray

The Tennessee Ten

These sorts of situations (large groups of kittens/cats left to fend for themselves) aren’t as unusual as you might think. It’s normal practice for people to dump their pregnant house cats, or even worse, dump tiny kittens with absolutely no way to fend for themselves. It’s also fairly common that people allow their unspayed/unneutered house cats to roam free outdoors.

Although there’s a common misconception that cats enjoy being outside, and can fend for themselves out there, the truth is that cats are domestic animals that have evolved to be *pets*. They depend on us for safety, food, shelter, and care. Cats are perfectly happy being kept inside- they may whine at the window, or show particular interest in what’s beyond the door, but the world outside is not a safe place for them and it will not improve their life or their well-being if they are allowed out.

Actually, statistics show that cats have significantly shorter life spans if they are allowed outside. 150 years ago, it might have been different but now we have speeding cars, very little “free” space to roam, wild animals that wander into suburban areas and cities (animals that consider cats to be a prime meal), and people who believe that cats are just another pest to be poisoned, or worse.

Cats *are* survivors, but only because they have to be. So many people mistreat, abuse, and take cats for granted. These little kittens are just a tiny example of the huge cat and kitten population that are struggling to make it through every day.

Do your cat a huge favor- keep her safe inside. There are plenty of adventures for her to have inside the house!

—– Looking for your newest feline friend? We’ll be at Petsmart in Naples, Florida this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 11am to 3pm. It’s a great opportunity to meet some beautiful, loving cats and kittens, waiting for their forever homes. We hope to see you there.

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