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Take your cat to work day

by Debbie Lanham

For all you cat lovers out there, it’s time to celebrate your feline friend. Whoever is responsible for National Take Your Cat to Work Day, please come forward to collect your prize — it is now the cutest work day of the year (although dog people may disagree). It’s only right that we show our cats the world on the other side of the window — at least for one day a year.

Move over kids and dogs! It's Meow Time. "Bring your dog to work day" and "bring your kid to work day" have had social attention and acceptance for a long time now, but kitties deserve a special day too. Some cats are comfort creatures and love being at home sunning in their favorite window, while others are bold and explorative. Those brave, pawed souls deserve to see where their humans go for so many hours of the day.

Offices have tons of stuff to knock over. From plants to paper weights to paperclips and more, cats will have plenty of new items to disrupt. They'll love pen cups and warm desk lights too. And as far as a distraction goes, you will find many moments of laughter as you observe your furkid exploring all the new toys put out just for him.

Be sure to bring some cat toys from home with their familiar scent, including the kitty bed. This will help your furbaby get acclimated when they get to the office and see their friendly toys during the visit.

Be sure and pull out empty containers, baskets and other fun places for your furkid to hide and play. National Take Your Cat to Work Day is only once a year, so make it special and take lots of photos!



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