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Pet Cancer Awareness Month

The Most Common Types of Cancer in Pets

Of all of the different types of cancer a dog or cat can develop, skin cancer, or Malignant Skin Neoplasia, is the most common. Other common types of cancers in pets include (listed by prevalence):

  1. Lymphoma

  2. Splenic (Spleen) Cancer

  3. Bone or Joint Cancer

  4. Hepatic (Liver) Cancer

  5. Thoracic (Chest) Cancer

  6. Bladder Cancer

  7. Anal Sac Cancer

  8. Oral Cancer

  9. Brain or Spinal Cord Cancer

How do pets get Cancer?

  1. Cancer develops as a result of damage to the DNA. This damage is most often caused by environmental exposure to carcinogens like tobacco smoke, radiation and pesticides, and can be compounded by risk factors like chronic inflammation and being overweight.

Common Feline Cancers

  1. Lymphoma (associated with feline leukemia virus)

  2. Oral squamous cell carcinoma

  3. Fibrosarcoma