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by Hannah Fenimore

There are so many ways you can show your pet that you love them. From giving them extra attention throughout the day to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. Your pet will thank you! Below are 4 simple ways to give your pet some extra love.

1. Special Attention

The love shared between you and your pet is undeniable. Giving them extra love and special attention will continue to show them how much they are cared and loved for. There are many ways to show your cat you love them, and many are very simple. Simply letting your cat cuddle in your lap in the evenings or even letting them share the bed and pillow with you at night.

2. Cats Love Massages

Giving your cat a massage is a special way to bond with them. Cats are very similar to humans in the fact that massages stimulate their nerves and muscles. When you massage your pet try to do so in repetition. This helps the cat establish familiarity and helps your cat to relax. Your cat will feel special and unconditionally loved.

3. Play Time

Playing with cats new and old helps build confidence in shy cats. It helps them come out of their shell more and begin to establish confidence and trust with you. Other than helping a shy cat come out of their shell, games also help cats with their thinking. Puzzle games are great for cats, especially if you hide surprise treats in them! It helps the cats use their nose, teeth, and most importantly their brain.

4. Cat Grooming

As all cat owners and lovers have seen – cats love to self-groom. They are always making sure they are spick and span throughout the day. Although most cats self-groom, they do still need the extra help and love. Use a brush to massage and brush the cat. This will not only make the cat feel relaxed, but it will also help keep your cat mat-free, clean, and serve as a special bonding moment.

Love Your Pet Day is not just for February 20th but for Every Day!



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