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Lost and Found

Some updates from the shelter:

Didgeridoo and His Owner, reunited at last!

Didgeridoo and His Owner, reunited at last!

First of all, an incredible story about a cat returned to his owner after seven months of being missing.

As posted on our Facebook page: “Several days ago, we received a call from Steve, one of the guards at the gate in Hideaway Beach, a wooded community on the north end of Marco Island. He and another employee have been seeing a cat for several months and it always ran away. Over the last few weeks, it came closer and closer and was now hopping into their laps and enjoying being pet and cared for. He called to ask if he could bring the cat to us since it obviously was a friendly cat. Last night, he brought this cat over at 10 pm. They thought it was a girl but it was a big male tabby and he was microchipped. Jim called and got the name and phone number and left a message for the registered owner. We set the cat up in a cage and he was so hungry!! Sweet boy!

Ten minutes later, she called! She was in tears! Her cat had been missing since December and she lives in Bayshore in Naples!!! She had rescued him when he was a year old out of a dumpster and she let him be an indoor/outdoor cat and he disappeared in December. He is 7 years old now.She put up flyers and was still checking DAS every week for him. She will be coming tomorrow morning to take him home and she has set up everything for him to be a indoor only cat from now on. Sue Keller is coming over to take photos and write a story for the Marco Island Sun Times on his remarkable return home. We could not be more excited for him and we have been telling him all day as he is a bit depressed to be in a cage. Tomorrow, he will be home and start to heal from his scratches, scrapes and fear of living in the wilds of Hideaway running from the bobcats, bears and God know what else is out there! ”

Read the full story here at the Marco Sun Times website.

Here are some resources for locating a lost pet:

Finding a Lost Pet at PAWS.orgWhat To Do if You Lose Your Pet – Humane Society of the US – Center for Lost PetsPet Lost & Found Resources  – Animal Alliance NYC – How to Find Your Lost Pet – Best Friends

Most important advice: don’t give up!