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Lions, Tigers and Boar Spray?!

We all hope that as we add a new cat to our household that your furry kids will all get along for the most part and bring companionship to each other in a way that we cannot. Sometimes, it just does not go well and  when it is a male cat that is being sexually aggressive towards another female cat, it can be really rough on both the female cat and everyone else living in the house.  This usually starts when the male cat has grown to maturity which is around 2 years old. A sexually aggressive male cat does more than just roughhouse and play-stalk the female cat. He physically attacks her by jumping on her and pinning her down and biting her neck. In the wild, this is the aggressive act of mating and the female cat is screaming. It is really a painful ordeal for her all around. Of course, this is not supposed to happen when you have a neutered male cat and a spayed female cat in the same house. Hormones should be low and play should be the usual mutual romping and intimidation games that cats play with each other.

What to do if you have a sexually aggressive male cat? Surprisingly, the answer is to make the female cat smell like another male cat. There is a product used in the farm industry for another purpose that works like a charm to diffuse the male cat’s aggression. Of course, if the female cat smells like a male cat, then why would he pounce on her and pin her down? He will stop his aggressive behavior almost immediately. The product is called Hog Mate Boar Odor Spray. I know it sounds crazy but it truly works. An adopter of ours who is the staff for two beautiful cats has just tamed her sexually aggressive male cat by spraying the Hog Mate on a cotton ball and rubbing it on the rump and tail area of her long haired female cat. She reapplies the Hog Mate about every 3 days and it has worked wonders. Her male cat’s sexual aggression has stopped. He now plays with her like normal cats would.

For further reading, read this article written by a veterinarian who has used the substance with the same success and there are reviews on the Hog Mate site as well that confirm its usefulness with sexual aggression with cats. We hope you never encounter this phenomenon with your furry kids but there is a solution out there that will keep the peace and avoid the painful decision to re-home your male cat.



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