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Keeping your Cat Safe over Halloween

Being in Costume for Halloween can be lots of fun but your cat won’t recognize you and could be totally terrorized by seeing some strange being in their house. Best to put your cat in a safe place like a bedroom with toys and fun things to do along with the litter box and water and food so your cat can stay calm during all the festivities and trick or treaters coming to the door.  I will never forget the first costume that I made. It was a wonderfully gnarly witches garb and I had a great broom and big hat. I did not think about my poor cat and when I came out dressed up in my costume, she totally freaked out and streaked under the bed. I felt terrible that I had not considered how she would react and that she would not recognize me under all that stuff. Here are some other precautions to take in order to be sure that your cats are safe over Halloween-

Tips about decorations and candy

Chocolate is toxic to cats and candy wrappers can get stuck in their throat or stomach.

Fake cobwebs, shredded material, dangling spider legs all look like toys to your cat. See your decorations through your cat’s eyes and make adjustments so they do not create a health hazard for them.

Glow sticks are toxic if bitten into so keep them away from your furry friends.

Tips about trick or treaters-

Keep your cat in a bedroom during these hours. A cat could freak out and bolt out the door and get lost.

Tips about parties-

Same as trick or treaters- keep them in a bedroom with their toys until the mayhem is over.

Enjoy your safe and fun Halloween!




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