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Hurricane Preparedness For Pet Owners

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Atlantic Hurricane season occurs June through November annually. Hurricane season means preparing your home, families, and pets for severe weather emergencies. Have a plan in place for your whole family, especially your pets.

Some families choose to prepare to evacuate in the event of major storms while others choose to shelter-in-place. It’s important to have evacuation and safety preparedness plans in place to keep your family safe.

Keep Your Pets With You!

Whether you plan to evacuate, or shelter-in-place this storm season, the most important thing is: keep your pets with you!

Be prepared to move before disaster strikes. Even if you plan to evacuate only for a few hours, bring your pets with you. Keep your pets safely secured in a pet carrier with their collar on when traveling for maximal safety.

Below, we share a list of tasks and emergency supplies pet owners can use to prepare in the event of a hurricane or natural disaster.

Hurricane Preparation Guide For Pets

1. Find a Safe Place to Stay

Make a list of pet-friendly motels, research in several directions and make reservations. You can always cancel with proper notice.

Ask friends and family about staying with them if necessary.