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Its easy to feel down during lockdown and being in a world of social distancing where it is harder to see friends and family. However, we have our furry companions to help us through these difficult times.

Just Looking at Cats can Improve Your Mood

A Study by Indiana University showed just by viewing videos of cats your mood can change. With 7,000 participants it was shown that cat videos increased feelings of wellness and decreased negative emotions.

Cats Could be Making you Smarter

Cat owners may have more academic prowess than their peers. The Daily Telegraph (UK Newspaper) reported that cat owners were 1.36 times more likely to be a degree holder. Maybe its because dog owners have their companion eating their homework!

Pets Help Lower Cortisol

Cortisol is the bodies “stress” hormone. It affects mood, motivation, and is part of the bodies fight or flight system. It can affect how well you sleep, your blood pressure, and even how you metabolize food. Excess levels of cortisol can cause:

· rapid weight gain mainly in the face, chest

and abdomen contrasted with slender arms and legs

· a flushed and round face

· high blood pressure

· osteoporosis

· skin changes (bruises and purple stretch marks)

· muscle weakness

· mood swings, which show as anxiety, depression, or irritability

· increased thirst and frequency of urination.

Medical News Today reports that simply by holding a pet for 10 minutes prior to a stressful situation significantly reduces cortisol levels.

Cats provide us with companionship, a sense of regularity, and seem to be affecting our hormones on a physiological level. I for one can attest to the benefits of having a feline companion who has helped me through the lows over the past 10 years.



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