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why adopt a special needs cat?

Open your heart and find a rewarding experience.

A special needs cat is one with a disability or disease that requires extra attention and care. This can be anything from a cat with diabetes to a cat with cancer or other life-threatening diseases.[1] Regardless of the setbacks that these cats may face as a result of their disability or disease, these animals are just as capable of love and loving as any other cat.

Unfair Disadvantage

Cats with disabilities are significantly less likely to be adopted than those without.

As upsetting as it is, younger, healthier cats are more likely to be adopted from a shelter than elderly cats or cats with disabilities or diseases. The idea of more doctor visits or the extra attention needed in order to care for these cats is what scares people away from the possibility of an incredible pet. Moreover, the possible “inconvenience” that may arise as a result of owning these pets is a turn off to potential adopters. Unfortunately, this leaves these cats who are in need of a loving home, stuck in a shelter. These cats make wonderful pets, and act as a loving pet for anyone- from a young family to an older couple.

These Cats Can Be Sponsored

If for any reason, the idea of adopting a cat is not a feasible option, there are other alternatives in order to help these loving pets. Tabby’s Place, a cat sanctuary that branches from New Jersey, aims to gain sponsors for their cats with disabilities. Of their $250,000 goal, they have currently raised $230,500.[4] Benefits of becoming a sponsor include receiving monthly updates and photos of your sponsored pet, receiving a tax deduction, and possibly the most rewarding benefit of all- knowing that you were able to help a feline without even taking it into your home.