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September is National Happy, Healthy Cat Month. How can you celebrate this month? By seeing to it that Kitty is as healthy and happy as you can get. Cats, fortunately, are easily amused. Keeping kitties healthy can require some work but it is well worth it. For good pet parents, every month is Happy, Healthy Cat Month. However, this is a good time to raise awareness for the effort that has to be put in for our feline friends.

Live and Get Mice

Healthy cats are happy cats. You shouldn't wait until you believe your cat may be sick to go to the vet. Cats are rather stoic about pain, an evolutionary holdover from life in the wild. Take Kitty to the vet to get check-ups and preventive treatments. Forbid fleas from feeding on your furry, friendly feline. Even indoor cats can have parasite problems. Learn about useful prevention methods. Should money be a concern, health insurance for cats is available. Look into it.

The Kitty Diet

You will have no trouble getting your pussycat to eat. Meat is her favorite food. Cats need a diet that is high in protein and low in carbs. A cat is an obligate carnivore. This means a cat needs meat. Your cat food must list some type of meat as the primary ingredient. There should not be any artificial colors, fillers or additives in your cat's food. Each cat has their own nutritional needs. Ask your doctor what would be best.

But make sure not to overfeed Kitty! Cat owners often make this detrimental mistake. They associate food with love and give their adored pet more food than what would be recommended. Of course, Kitty cheerfully eats it. The result is a tubby little tabby with a high risk of cancer, diabetes and arthritis. See to it that your cat is getting sufficient exercise as well.

Cat Box of Solace

It seems like a simple thing but it means a lot to a cat. Cats like to be neat and clean. Grooming and bathing aren’t the only way to keep a cat clean. Cats like a clean litter box to do their business in. And you will to! Choose a tray and litter that fits your cat best.

Fuzzy Ball

Of course, the best way to make your cat happy is to let her have fun. Give her scratching posts and climbing trees so that she can have fun without destroying your home. Interact with her, show her affection. Give her toys that she can swat around and chase.

Do you want to know learn more ways to help your cat stay healthy and happy? Just take a look at this infographic.

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