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Every month should be “Adopt a Senior Cat” month!

—   Seniors and Others, Think about Adopting a Senior Cat Today —

November, Adopt a Senior Pet month, kicked off with many Senior Cats being adopted.

This is wonderful, yet many more Senior Cats are still waiting in shelters to have a real home. Your opportunity to help is here.

For the Love of Cats has a very unique program to help senior cats find their new home. Our Senior for Senior Program pays for the adoption fee and provides a complete care kit to any senior cat adopted to a qualified senior 55+.  Now is the  time to find your Dream Senior Kitty; there is no time better than Today!

18 Advantages of Adopting a Senior Cat, include:

Senior kitties are typically

  1. Low maintenance

  2. Calm

  3. Acquainted with and respectful of house rules

  4. Fantastic at creating a warm and a cozy environment in your home

  5. Not mischievous

  6. Litter trained

  7. Vaccinated

  8. Spayed/neutered

  9. Great at cuddling

  10. Happy to lounge on a chair or couch

  11. Beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart attacks and strokes

  12. Amazing emotional support animals

  13. Ready to give unconditional love

  14. Wonderful companions

  15. Loyal and loving pets

  16. Forever grateful for being provided a loving home!

Contributed by Tatiana Hursky

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