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Every month should be “Adopt a Senior Cat” month!

—   Seniors and Others, Think about Adopting a Senior Cat Today —

November, Adopt a Senior Pet month, kicked off with many Senior Cats being adopted.

This is wonderful, yet many more Senior Cats are still waiting in shelters to have a real home. Your opportunity to help is here.

For the Love of Cats has a very unique program to help senior cats find their new home. Our Senior for Senior Program pays for the adoption fee and provides a complete care kit to any senior cat adopted to a qualified senior 55+.  Now is the  time to find your Dream Senior Kitty; there is no time better than Today!

18 Advantages of Adopting a Senior Cat, include:

Senior kitties are typically

  1. Low maintenance

  2. Calm

  3. Acquainted with and respectful of house rules

  4. Fantastic at creating a warm and a cozy environment in your home

  5. Not mischievous

  6. Litter trained

  7. Vaccinated

  8. Spayed/neutered

  9. Great at cuddling

  10. Happy to lounge on a chair or couch

  11. Beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing heart attacks and strokes

  12. Stress and anxiety reducers (

  13. Longevity boosters (

  14. Amazing emotional support animals

  15. Ready to give unconditional love

  16. Wonderful companions

  17. Loyal and loving pets

  18. Forever grateful for being provided a loving home!

Contributed by Tatiana Hursky



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