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DIY for Cats!

If you haven’t checked Pet360 out, you should hop over and check out their great articles and informative videos. We especially enjoy the cat-related videos on their YouTube channel.

Two of our recent favorites are videos featuring simple and safe DIY projects perfect for your favorite feline.

and also check out “How to Make a Cat Scratcher“:

There are also a bunch of other amazing DIY videos specifically for cat-related projects on YouTube.

From the “Friskies DIY Cat Toy” series comes these two great videos:

“How to Make a Suitcase Bed“:

and, “How to Make an Irrestiball

If you are a serious DIYer, check out this amazing heavy-duty cat tree that you can build yourself.

If you’re a SUPER DIYer, you might be interested in Greg Krueger’s entire house– he’s renovated his entire house to suit his four cats, including hideouts and special catwalks in every room.

Another example of exceptional feline devotion: homebuilder Peter Cohen has turned his home into a sanctuary for rescued cats.

From simple projects that take just a few minutes to passion projects that take a lifetime, there’s lots of inspiration online for various DIY projects for your feline friends. We’d love to hear about any DIY projects you’ve completed for *your* cats, so feel free to share them in the comments!



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