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Change a pet's life day

By Megan Fondell

Cats are wonderful pets to own and they can give so much love. Every owner will have their own style of interacting with their animals, but one of the most important things is to socialize with your cat often. Whether you are a current owner or considering cat adoption in the future, you may be wondering what you can do to change a cat’s life. Personally, I find that when my cat is not socialized as often as she likes, she will yell until I pick her up and spend time cuddling her. It's very important to provide cats with environmental stimuli for when you are together and when you are away. My cat loves scratching posts and small toys. She also loves receiving treats occasionally.

If you unable to adopt a cat but still want to change the lives of cats, you can consider donating or volunteering at For the Love of Cats. For the Love of Cats can always use more food, boots of the ground and donations. Supplies and donations ensure that the animals will be taken care of until they are adopted. Another option to help cats would be volunteering. Volunteering will change the lives of the cats and also yours for the better! It is such an enriching experience that will allow you to have a deeper love for cats and further understand why rescue groups are so vital to helping them.

Please contact For the Love of Cats to become a volunteer at a feeding station, foster kittens until adoption or assist with trapping feral cats know as "TNR" (trapping, neuter & return). 6,000+ cats and kittens have been saved in Collier County thanks to the team and donations from you!



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