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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

by Debbie Lanham

Cats often need to be encouraged to drink water. Cats and kittens are small and can easily become dehydrated. Did you know that a cat's body weight is comprised of 60 to 70% water? Thankfully, there are techniques that can be used to encourage hydration in felines.

Consuming water every day is necessary for many reasons. It helps flush toxins out of the kidneys, it decreases the chances of kidney and bladder stones, it aids with digestion, helps maintain the body temperature and the body's circulation, it also assists in the transport and absorption of nutrients, and keeps essential organs healthy for optimum function.

So how can you encourage your furkid to drink more water? First, switch from dry to wet food. Cats are use to getting most of their water from their food. Adding a little water to the can food is an easy way to assist with this vital need. Room temperature can food and adding a little low-sodium chicken broth will encourage drinking too. (Be sure it's straight brother without any onion or garlic added!) Keep the bowls clean and use purified water if your cat does not like the smell or taste of faucet water. Consider placing a few ice cubes in the water bowl. They love the cracking sounds and motion while the ice melts.

Next, consider a fountain water bowl. Cats love the motion and activity. It's a two for one special! They are amused and intrigued while at the same time encouraged to drink more at each visit. Be sure and do your homework. Some fountains make noise, so research before purchasing the fountain so it meets your requirements. Place water bowls in several locations throughout the home and away from litterboxes. Keep the bowl out of the sunlight so the water stay cool and refreshing! For more tips or questions, call For the Love of Cats at 239-642-8674.



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