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Alanna’s Rescue


Beautiful Miss Alanna

What’s a visit to Fresh Market without picking up an abandoned cat?

That’s just what happened one night to one of our volunteers. Alanna was sitting in the parking lot, crying for someone to notice. This shopping center at the corner of 41 and 951 has seen a number of abandoned cats and kittens since the gas station and Lowes were built several years ago. Most of the kittens have been siamese mix.

We are suspecting that there may be an un-registered backyard breeder in the area that is dumping their rejects in this parking lot. There is an ordinance now in Collier county that requires all breeders to register and be inspected by the county to try to stem animal abuse and hoarding which often comes from a failed backyard breeder. Those of you in the area, please keep your eyes and ears open for us and maybe we can find out who is doing the dumping of these sweet cats and kittens.


Beautiful Miss Alanna