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Celebration of Life Memorial

Let us celebrate all of the loved ones we have lost. They were our best hello and our hardest goodbye. We loved them with all of our heart and they are still with us in our heart and are waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs and purrs for your support which will save the lives of cats and kittens in need throughout our community. 

Please donate $50 to upload your photo to this page and receive a full color ceramic keepsake ornament as our thanks.

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Boop may have left early but his impact was substancial. The world will miss you, thank you for showing us just how gentle strength can be.


Emperor Meiji

Eileen Robertson



Peter Look

Kitty was adopted in 2013, when Peter and Michelle Look gave him a forever home. Kitty was found underneath a car seeking shelter until he was rescued by his loving owners. Kitty enjoyed playing with his toys, climbing his cat trees, and playing with Fiona (his cat-sister). He was smart, curious, sweet, and playful! Kitty is missed dearly and will forever be in our hearts.


Milkyway Meadow

Ashley Barron

Milkyway was a four week old long haired calico. She easily fell in love with anyone she came close to. She loved playing with her big sister; she had the sweetest soul and made the best little sister. She crossed the rainbow bridge on May 27, 2021 and now plays endlessly with my Daddy. Milkyway, mommy loves you endlessly and I’ll see you again sweet sunshine.



Wade & Shannon

Calie was born on Sept. 29th 2008. Being born with natural "tortitude", Calie was a spitfire and didn't find a home easily. Calie once beat up a full grown German Shepherd, and was returned to Jim & Jan. Calie came home with us two years after she was born. Our angel with horns little girl passed away last Sunday, Feb 20th, '22. We love you Calie!



Robert Sorenson

Gizmo was one strange dude, both in looks and in personality. From day one he had a certain character to him that could light up a room. That same characteristic is dearly missed by his family, every minute, of every day.


Lennie Briscoe

Roz Sorber

Picked up on the streets of Madison,WI, and booked by police for biting, Lennie was rescued from the Dane Co. Humane Society and named after the character played by Jerry Orbach on Law and Order. From 2012-2020 Lennie routinely traveled between WI and FL. Especially outgoing and curious, Lennie greeted all visitors and watched the FL osprey & WI Hawks from his stroller on the lanai/deck. On 10/6/2020 he crossed the rainbow bridge.



Mike & Janet

We adopted Patrick through the Senior for Senior program. He always welcomed all visitors and the other kitties we adopted. His favorite spot to lay was on ‘Dad’s’ lap. He was a joy to have in our family.



Kathy Vanderselt



Nancy Bertelsen

I adopted Jasmine from Bridgets Crossing 11/23/2012. They weren't sure of her age estimate a year and a half having been rescued from Lee County Humane Society because she was a pretty calico and looked like a calico Comere who I lost to cancer a couple of years before. She was very frightened and took a while to adjust but adjust she did. She had a happy life until about a month before. She wasn't as active and knew something must be wrong. It took a while to accept Marni and Yessi (now 5) from the Love of Cats. She grew to tolerate and often would play with them. She didn't know how to play and they taught her. She enjoyed her canned cat food as well as her dry. She was the only one allowed on my bed and she let the kittens know that. Most of her life I believe had been with other cats



Jan Rich

Max was the leader of his clan. He was born on the wild side and we thought he would never get it. One day, we were playing after breakfast and I saw his eyes change. He got it! From there on out, he was like a dog. He never stopped entertaining us with his antics, purrsonality, charm and purrs. He was the best cat and left pawprints on our hearts furever.


Princess Baby

MAryAnn DiPadova

We had Princess Baby for 11years and still miss her every day. We Love her so much!