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Our Vision,
Ethics & impact

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where all cats' lives matter. A world where every cat knows love.

Our vision is a world where all cats' lives matter. A world where every cat knows love. Today, these cats are the lucky ones. Tomorrow, we will not have changed the world (yet) but we will have changed the world of cats in need throughout the communities of Collier County. It is a journey that For the Love of Cats will remain on. The day that our vision is fulfilled is a long way off. Our goal is to fuel the engine of change through education, collaboration, support and partnership with the community, and other like minded groups throughout Southwest Florida.

Our Mission

Our mission is to end the cruelty of pet over-population in Collier County. Our programs include working with the community to TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) stray, community and feral cats, assisting underserved communities and low-income members of the public with spay/neuter, wellness, and emergency veterinary care along with other support programs to help people to keep their pets. 

Our mission is to end the cruelty of cat overpopulation in Collier County, FL. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives
of Collier County's cats
in need.

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of Collier County's cats in need. Kittens need to be rescued. Abandoned, stray, and community cats need to be fixed, vaccinated and cared for. Sick and injured cats from low-income families in underserved communities need preventative and emergency veterinary care. Older cats need promotion and financial incentive to get them adopted from shelters and into quiet, loving homes. These are big goals but ones that For the Love of Cats can achieve with your help.

Our Core Values

For the Love of Cats' core values are forged by our commitment to the highest ethical standards and drive our priorities, commitments and organizational decisions. These core values guide our behaviors, judgments and how we accomplish our mission.


We assure and maintain transparency in our relationships with each other and the community.


We dedicate the time and resources needed to make a difference every day.


We encourage diversity and welcome the opportunity to help the underserved.


We keep our commitments and make measurable progress towards our mission.


We are committed to the aid and support of those in need.

our impact

For the Love of Cats strives to be a champion for cats in need throughout the underserved communities of Collier County.


We focus our efforts on collaboration with other organizations and public outreach to assist, educate, train, support, and build awareness.

More than 5500 Cats sterilized through our TNR Program

More than 575,000 Kittens not born into the wild from
our TNR Program

$76,000+ spent on vet care to help low-income families
with ailing cats

Adopted 2600+ Cats and Kittens through rescue and fostering

180+ Senior Cats adopted county-wide with our Seniors for Seniors Program

annual impact reports

2023 Annual Impact Report

We proudly invite you to explore our first

Annual Impact Report!


2023 was the year of community need! With housing, vet care, and pet food prices on the rise, our community needed our support more than ever. Together, we can celebrate an exceptional year of life-saving results. We have saved the lives of over 300 cats this year and helped so many families keep their furry loved ones healthy.

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