our goals

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of cats in need throughout Collier County. Kittens need to be rescued. Abandoned, stray and community cats need to be fixed, vaccinated and cared for. Sick and injured cats from low income families need veterinary care. Older cats need promotion and financial incentive to get them out of shelters and into a quiet, loving home. These are big goals but ones that For the Love of Cats can achieve with your help.

our vision
is a world where all cats' lives matter
impact statement

For the Love of Cats hit the ground running in 2002 as the only all cat, all volunteer, no-kill rescue in Collier County. We were doing TNR (trap, neuter, return) for feral cats long before it was an approved ordinance of Collier County. With over 75 volunteers at one point, our organization was making a positive impact on the population of feral cats in our local communities and throughout Collier County. Our productive relationships with the veterinary community, all other rescue/shelter groups, Collier County and the public have been instrumental in saving thousands of feline lives.  Since our inception, we have expanded into many successful programs outside of our original mission of TNR to the benefit of cats in need throughout Collier County.

Impact data
  • TNR’d the entire community of Marco Island, Goodland and Isles of Capri, FL over the course of 15 years. Set up a volunteer network to feed and monitor the TNR’d (trap,neuter,return) feral community cats throughout the area. Supply training, food and supplies to volunteer feeders. Train and support volunteer trappers.

  • TNR’d overe 5700 cats throughout Collier County 

  • TNR Efforts prevented the birth of over 49,000 kittens


  • Spent over $45,000 to help more than 300 low-income families with emergency and wellness needs for their ailing family cat


  • Aided over 260 cats of low-income families with low cost spay/neuter services


  • Adopted over 2500 cats and kittens through rescue operations and fostering


  • Our Seniors for Seniors Program has supported the adoption of over 165 senior cats that would otherwise have been euthanized or stressing in shelters and provided a complete care kit to the new senior adopter


  • Answered close to 65,000 phone calls from the public asking for everything from behavior advice, veterinary information, community cat resources, TNR techniques and assistance to financial aid to help a sick or injured cat or kitten