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How to Prepare Your Home for a Kitty: 14 Tips From the Pros

by Ryan Castillo, with REDFIN

Bringing home a cat is an exciting time for the family. They provide laughter, companionship, and can even teach little ones about responsibility. However, preparing your home for a kitty can bring about some uncertainties and renovations to ensure your cat is well taken care of and comfortable in your home.

To help you get started, we reached out to 14 cat experts, from Seattle, WA to Ottawa, ON. Here is their best advice on how to prepare your home for a kitty.

1) Vertical space is key for cats

Using vertical space in your home is a great way to prepare your home for a kitty because it provides an additional territory and safe space for cats to climb and relax on, which is natural for their species. You can achieve this by adding cat shelves, cat trees, and clearing off safe spaces on top of cabinets and bookshelves for cats to climb to. Bonus points for securing a cat bed or mat for optimal relaxation on a high perch. – Cat Advocate

2) Leave cat furniture in communal spaces

Cat furniture is meant to be a jungle gym for cats to expel their energy – something to swing around on, scratch on, and sleep on when they are all tuckered out. As cats are also part of the family, cat furniture needs to be placed in the area of the house where the family spends time. Cats love to hang out and keep an eye on things. – Purrniture

3) Install a sensory garden

Prepare your home for a kitty by creating a space for your cat to be a cat. You can install a sensory garden for your cat with pet-friendly edibles like wheatgrass and catnip to roll in and nibble on, as well as putting brushes and different textures on corners for scratching and rubbing on. Your cat will thank you, and your furniture and plants will too. – Pet Harmony Team

4) Provide your cat with some much needed stimulation