How old is my cat in Human Years?

I have seen charts but not a way to calculate it so here is the current formula. Cat are considered matured when they turn 2 years old. For any of you who have adopted a 1 year old cat, you know that you still have a big teenager on your hands. At 2 years old,.. read more →

Why You Should Microchip Your Cat

At some point in the future, we will hopefully have a small tag or maybe even an implantable chip that would have a GPS tracking device in it so that if your cat slipped outside and was lost, you could simply open the app on your smart phone and follow the signal to your cat’s.. read more →

Kitten has Eye Surgery to Save his Vision

Prairie is an adorable 4 1/2 month old tabby and white kitten.  He acquired a virus shortly after birth that frequently affects kittens and often causes severe upper respiratory disease.  The virus is in the Herpes virus family and is familiar to people for causing cold sores.  However, in kittens, the virus may be fatal.. read more →

A day in the life of our kitties… in 2 minutes :)

You can watch our adorable Kitty Cam all day long right here on our website, but say you missed a day and just want to catch up??? Well, here’s the answer… a recap of “a day in the life” starring our “Paul Simon” kitties: Gus, Stan, Roy and Jack. Can you guess what song they.. read more →


As you know, cats are curious by nature. They like sparkly, shiny and crinkling things. What better time of the year to see all these in a short time and one place,Christmas! This time of year, your homes are decorated for the spirit and joy of this holiday. Tree’s are up, wreaths are hung and.. read more →


If you’ve watched “My Cat from Hell” on the Animal Planet network, you know Jackson Galaxy. He’s amazing. Just as you think there’s no hope for the cats on the episode, his methods seem to tame the wildest of cats. One of the most common causes of bad cat behavior is lack of play. Once.. read more →


Do you have a hurricane plan? Have you included your four-footed family? Did you pack enough food and water for them? Toys? Medication? Litter? The list is long and they can’t help you pack or say “Hey you forget my leash!” So it’s up to you to be prepared for your pet in case of.. read more →


We’ve been hearing it’s a bad season for fleas. Homes that have never had fleas are reporting that the fleas “are jumping through the screens.” So don’t think that your indoor cats are safe. A flea can jump on you when you are outside and you bring it inside and it jumps on your cat… read more →


Many Cat owners are not aware of the dangers that our houseplants pose to our kitties. Some can be very dangerous – even DEADLY! Indoor cat gardens will give your cat something to snack on besides your houseplants. Check out this link  for a list of toxic plants for cats. You can start with just one.. read more →


Not all feral cats live in groups behind garbage dumpsters. Some live outside homes where they are cared for. Spoiled with good food, fresh water, and even warm blankets on cold nights. It’s a life of luxury for these cats. Do you feed a feral cat? Leave a bowl of water under the steps? Do.. read more →